SciDAC Partnership with Biological and Environmental Research

The SciDAC Partnership with BER is focused on Earth System Models.

DOE Program Managers

Dorothy Koch
Biological and Environmental Research (BER)

Randall Laviolette
Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR)

Current Projects

Adaptive Vertical Grid Enhancement for ACME
This project aims to refine a new computational framework, called the Framework for Improvement by Vertical Enhancement (FIVE), that will reduce low and high cloud bias in Earth System Models by producing results equivalent to a high vertical resolution simulation but at a reduced cost.

Lead Investigator: Takanobu Yamaguchi
CIRES at the University of Colorado at Boulder

Assessing and Improving the Numerical Solution of Atmospheric Physics in ACME
The project aims to address a crucial but largely overlooked source of error in E3SM and similar models, namely the time-discretization and process-integration errors associated with parameterized subgrid-scale atmospheric physics.

Lead Investigator: Hui Wan
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Coupling Approaches for Next Generation Architectures (CANGA)
This project aims to develop a new approach for assembling earth system models to better utilize new HPC architectures, new methods for transferring data between models to improve the accuracy and fidelity of the fully coupled system, and improved analyses and techniques for integrating multiple components forward in time in a stable and robust manner.

Lead Investigator: Philip Jones
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Development of Terrestrial Dynamical Cores for the ACME to Simulate Water Cycle
This project is aimed at developing rigorously verified, spatially adaptive, scalable, multi-physics dynamical cores for global-scale modeling of three-dimensional processes in the land and two-dimensional processes in the river component of Energy Exascale Earth System Model (E3SM).

Lead Investigator: Guatam Bisht
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

A New Discrete Element Sea-ice Model for Earth System Modeling
This project aims to develop a new sea-ice dynamical core using the discrete element method for high resolution Earth System models.

Lead Investigator: Adrian Turner
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Non-Hydrostatic Dynamics with Multi-Moment Characteristic Discontinuous Galerkin Methods (NH-MMCDG)
The primary goal of the project is to develop a new atmospheric dynamical core designed specifically for heterogenous computing architectures.

Lead Investigator: Peter Bosler
Sandia National Laboratories

Optimization of Sensor Networks for Improving Climate Model Predictions
This project aims to develop and apply new UQ methods to the coupled land-atmosphere system with the goal of quantifying predictive uncertainty in regional to global scale climate variable while leveraging new HPC architectures.

Lead Investigator: Daniel Ricciuto
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Probabilistic Sea-Level Projections from Ice Sheet and Earth System Models
This project aims to complete, test, and validate new ice sheet and ocean model physics and coupling needed to include ice sheet models as fully coupled components of E3SM.

Lead Investigators: Stephen Price and Esmond Ng
Los Alamos National Laboratory